So Why 3D?

No Separate Reality

Many students learn the physics of motion in the lab as a separate reality from the way that the world works. Air tracks and ultrasonic motion detectors enforce linear conditions that some students view as artificial, hence, they do not apply this learning to the real world. These students may learn physics for the exam but don't understand how to apply it in real world situations. Using Motion Visualizer 3D, students can build on their lifetime of experience in the 3D world. They do not have to unlearn what they know about motion to fit the limitations of the recording equipment. If students learn physics in their own world they will learn better.

Developing a Spatial Sense

With Motion Visualizer 3D, students capture the actual motion that they see on a three-dimensional graph that they can rotate and view from any direction. They learn how to interpret the shape of the motion and the importance of point-of-view when representing a shape on the screen in two-dimensions.

Few tools that help students develop a spatial sense exist, yet the ability to interpret space is a strong predictor for those who will pursue studies of science and mathematics. Motion Visualizer 3D comes with activities that help students develop their spatial sense.

Using Motion Visualizer 3D helps students understand the many representations from graphs found in the newspaper, to topographic maps, blueprints, or CAD diagrams.

Motion of a bounced ping-pong ball.

A Tool for All Students

Some see the study of 3D motion as a topic for advanced students only. However, the ability to capture a "picture" or trace of a motion in 3D perspective makes an abstract study very concrete. Students can extract from the 3D motion the aspect of the motion that most interested them and see how it relatesto the whole. Therefore, Motion Visualizer 3D is the perfect tool even for introductory studies. The fact that it also records all kinematics variables for all three dimensions makes it perfect for advanced students too. One tool can serve the needs of all students!