2D and 3D Motion Study is Possible, Practical, and Available

Now, with Motion Visualizer-DV and -3D, students can study the motions they find most interesting, bringing engagement and believability to the study of motion.

Motion Visualizer products are practical classroom tools because they:

  1. Use ordinary video cameras (MV-3D) or webcams (MV-DV) as sensors, thereby utilizing common equipment that you may already have or can acquire inexpensively.
  2. Areeasy to setup and record data. The object to be captured uses a unique color, as the key for tracking, that can be applied to any everyday object for study.
  3. Areable to capture large and small motions, from a wind-up toy to a three-point basketball shot. Motion Visualizer is a proven classroom technology that is being used in high school and college classrooms

Key features provided by Motion Visualizer products:

  • Spatial graphs that help bridge the gap between what students see and standard time-based kinematics graphs.
  • Working with ordinary objects in 3-dimensional space, students connect their kinesthetic experience of the world to their scientific studies.
  • Data can be viewed from any perspective using all kinematics variables.
  • Data can easily be investigated with a graphical approach.
  • The setup is scaleable to capture large and small objects and motions.
  • Many different explorations can be tried in a short amount of time.

For information on purchasing an affordably priced Motion Visualizer system, visit the ordering section.


Motion Visualizer DV
Motion Visualizer 3D