Motion Visualizer in Action

In the classroom, Motion Visualizer products deepen and broaden your high school or college introductory physics curriculum. Many teachers focus first on standard motions and then, for example, on sports or physiology. Students enjoy the hands-on aspect of the system including setup, data recording, and analysis. Teachers and students alike, find Motion Visualizer products perfect for demonstrations and investigations.

Quotes from teachers using Motion Visualizer include: "I can't believe how the students took to Motion Visualizer 3D", and, "The 3D capability of this technology returns students to the world they know. Learning to work in a three-dimensional space is the missing link in today's physics and mathematics education."

On the following two pages we present two early adopters of Motion Visualizer 3D, our first product release. Amy Winston and Steve Cremer, both teachers in Massachusetts, have successfully integrated Motion Visualizer 3D into their classrooms with enthusiastic response from their students.

Learn how to redefine your physics curriculum with Motion Visualizer!