Consulting Services

Alberti’s Window is a design and development company that specializes in sensors, microcontrollers, and data acquisition and display. We have created circuitry and software for many award-winning sensor systems, including temperature, light intensity, color, spectrophotometry, sound, heart rate, EKG, EEG, GSR, reaction time, respiration rate, linear position, human arm span, motion, magnetic field, pressure, strain, and acceleration. Another specialty area is low-power design.

We have also developed the Motion Visualizer product line -- image-processing based video systems for measurement of 2D and 3D position, velocity and acceleration, which are used in education, sports training, and medicine. Additionally, we have extensive successful experience writing proposals for government grants.

Please contact us to discuss any electronic design, software programming, or product or proposal development projects for which we may be able to assist.