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3D Motion Study is Possible, Practical, and Available

Motion Visualizer 3D is a practical classroom tool because it:

  • Uses ordinary video cameras as sensors, therefore it utilizes common equipment that you may already have or can acquire relatively inexpensively.

  • Is easy to setup and record data. The object to be captured uses a unique color, as the key for tracking, that can be applied to any everyday object for study.

  • Is able to capture large and small motions, from a wind-up toy to a three-point basketball shot. Motion Visualizer 3D is a proven classroom technology that is being used in high school and college classrooms.

Now, with Motion Visualizer 3D, students can study the motions they find most interesting, bringing engagement and believability to the study of motion.

For information on purchasing the affordably priced Motion Visualizer 3D system, visit the ordering section.