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Alberti's Window was founded in 1998 by Paul Antonucci and Nathan Kimball to develop new technologies for use in the teaching of science and mathematics. The company is the joint vision of its founding members, who have committed much of their working careers to the development of educational technology that allows students to gather physical data, graph it, and analyze it. Both founding members have participated, over the past fifteen years, in the development of microcomputer based laboratories (MBL) in research, development, teacher enhancement, and production.

A third principal, Dr. Marvin Grossman, was added in 2001. Dr. Grossman's strengths in business and marketing complement those of the other team members. All Three partners share a vision that the use of video technology and tools offer great potential for carrying MBL to the next level, and foresee a progression of products that enhance student's understanding of mathematics and science by mediating real-world and kinesthetic experiences with reflective opportunities.

The group's corporate goal is to merge the results of research in teaching and learning with their technological expertise and experience with teachers and students, to create products and curricula that excite students, and open new possibilities of improving science and mathematics education. Their pedagogical orientation is to integrate student's daily experiences with their learning; the group sees video as providing an ideal avenue for the integration of student's motion and spatial experiences with scientific and mathematical concepts of motion and graphing.

Alberti's Window, based in the Boston area, makes use of close relationships with many leading researchers such as Dr. Robert F. Tinker of the Concord Consortium (www.concord.org). Additionally, the company utilizes the talents of a variety of dedicated part time workers including teachers who field test and help with product presentations (Steve Cremer, Apolinario Barros, Amy Picard); students who come in to try out our activities; a graphics designer; various technical consultants; and David Hild, the company's technical writer and publications editor.

The development of Motion Visualizer 3D has been supported by the National Science Foundation under grant numbers DMI-0078672 and DMI-9861295. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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