Motion Visualizer 3D

With Motion Visualizer 3D, students capture all three spatial dimensions of a motion on a real-time 3D graph that they can rotate and view from any direction.

Few tools that help students develop a spatial sense exist, yet the ability to interpret space is a strong predictor for those who will pursue studies of science and mathematics. Using Motion Visualizer 3D helps students understand the many representations from graphs found in newspapers, to topographic maps, blueprints, or CAD diagrams.

Whatimportant advantages does Motion Visualizer 3D provide for student's learning?

Motion Visualizer 3D:

Captures all three spatial dimensions (Why 3D?)
Bridgesthe gap between the 3D world students know and the abstract
graphic representations of motion and space
Freesstudents to explore the motions they find interesting
Providespowerful tools to investigate broad concepts as well as
complex phenomena