What the Teachers Say

“In communities where science and technology are not a priority for the community and the family, it is necessary to overcome the inability to relate abstractions, such as graphs, to
the real world. This makes teaching science a challenge. Motion Visualizer has been very effective in bridging the gap between the representation and the real world.”

Texas High School District

“Few other products have helped my students to understand and visualize motion.”
New Hampshire College Faculty Member

“Students thrive on being involved in their own learning. Motion Visualizer 3D allows students to expand their perceptions in new and exciting directions. They get real-time, instant feedback from their motion experiments.”
Massachusetts High School Teacher

“After using Motion Visualizer, a student is presenting a poster session at the Sacramento AAPT on tossing weighted rods to find the center of mass.”
Kentucky University Faculty Member

“A student used the 3-D Visualizer to track the motion of a bouncing super ball as part of
his departmental honors thesis. It went well; the 3-D visualizer lived up to its end of the experiment. We didn't have any real problems and we found the data output easy to
use and manipulate.”

Maryland College Faculty Member

“Students learn more quickly and retain information longer with the activity-based, student-centered curriculum. In the “at-risk” class Motion Visualizer 3D really grabs them. Students love the interaction, the immediate feedback, and are anxious to do further experimentation. If a teacher likes to get students really involved in their learning through exploration and experimentation, Motion Visualizer is the tool.”
Massachusetts High School Teacher


Amy Winston
Steve Cremer
What the Teachers Say