Steve Cremer

Steve Cremer is a recently retired physics teacher from Braintree High School in Braintree, Massachusetts. He is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, as well the Radio Shack National Teacher Award. Steve is currently President-Elect of the New England Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, in addition to being a visiting scholar at MIT. Mr. Cremer continues to write physics curricula and develop Microcomputer-Based Laboratory activities (MBL).

Steve's well-honed philosophy of teaching physics is through first exploration, followed by concept development, and finally, application. Steve is always pushing the envelope, trying new methods to assist students in learning. Motion Visualizer 3D from Alberti's Window is a perfect physics learning tool.

Motion Visualizer 3D has been most successful in a class on applied science. Mr. Cremer says, "It was run more like a science club than a class". Students solve practical problems and challenges using their knowledge of science and engineering. The task might be similar to one proposed in a "Physics Olympics" competition. Such a problem might require two or three students to construct a device that could actually "see" the world it was in. The students apply their experiences with Motion Visualizer 3D to understand how such a device might perceive its surroundings in three-dimensional space and then use that knowledge to direct their device in its movements.

Students thrive on being involved in their own learning. Motion Visualizer 3D allows students to expand their perceptions in new and exciting directions. They get real-time, instant feedback from their motion experiments.

Mr. Cremer also believes that Motion Visualizer 3D intrigues students at all academic levels, from the top scholar to the at-risk teen. In fact, the at-risk student is more apt to explore and develop their understanding with greater freedom and flexibility. Students, of a variety of ability, thrive on being interactively involved in their own learning. "Motion Visualizer 3D is definitely a breakthrough tool that assists teachers in helping their students learn the physics of motion. I know of nothing as effective", says Mr. Cremer.


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Steve Cremer
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