Real-Time 2D or 3D Video Motion Capture and Display

Motion Visualizer-DV and -3D are the best software tools for Physics and Mathematics Education. Motion Visualizer has also been successfully used for
sports training and is now being adapted for use in physical therapy as well.


With Motion Visualizer, students see real 2D and 3D space represented on screen, eliminating the disconnection between the abstract graphs they see and the space in which they live.

Motion Visualizer frees students to explore the motions they find interesting, such as sports, games, juggling, and gymnastics - showing the connection between their school activities and the "real world."

Real-time operation provides kinesthetic feedback and permits dozens of investigations in the time it would take to analyze a video frame-by-frame.

Motion Visualizer–DV Motion Visualizer–3D
  • Web camera provides simple setup and low cost
  • Equip a whole classroom with the most up-to-date motion sensing tool at a reasonable cost
  • Data rate up to 30 frames per second
  • 3D graphs capture a perspective "picture" of the motion that can be viewed from any point-of-view
  • Data presented in real-time on an unlimited number of 3D and 2D graphs
  • Data rate up to 60 points per second


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Imagine...capturingthe 2-
or 3-dimensional motion of an object and displaying its path in real-time.


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