Vol.1 No.3

January 2004

Alberti's Window at the AAPT Winter Meeting, Miami, FL


Please join us at our free, 2-hour workshop at the AAPT Winter Meeting in sunny, warm Miami, Florida. Join in the excitement and educational importance of 3D-motion analysis with an in-depth perspective on using Motion Visualizer 3D in the classroom.

  Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004
  Time: 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  Place: Radisson Deauville Resort
  Room: Baccarat II

Nathan Kimball and Steve Cremer will demonstrate many possibilities for enhancing your curriculum using Motion Visualizer 3D both for standard classical motion studies such as projectile motion, and by studying motions that could not easily be studied before, such as gymnastics, and juggling. Be the first to experience our new, exciting real-time 2-object tracking! Now, for the first time, students can study collisions, and observe how objects move in relation to each other.

Everyone will have a "hands on" opportunity with all aspects of the system including setup, data recording, and analysis. Nathan and Steve will also discuss using Motion Visualizer 3D for demonstrations and student investigations.

For more information, please see the AAPT page on the Alberti's Window website.


Alberti's Window is also exhibiting at the AAPT Winter Meeting Exhibition Hall. Please visit us at booth #404 to see Motion Visualizer 3D's new features.

Also in this Issue:

Product News and Development

New Version!

Motion Visualizer 3D Version 1.2 will ship in February 2004. Exisiting customers are invited to contact us for a free upgrade. Motion Visualizer 3D v1.2 includes the two major features most often requested by our customers:

  • Two Object Tracking in 2D—Two objects in a plane can now be tracked, making Motion Visualizer ideal for the study of collisions, for instance, on an air table, or with two balls suspended on a string. Only one camera, as opposed to two cameras in 3D, is needed for two object tracking, resulting in a simpler setup.

    Here we see two objects colliding on a Daedalon EA-50 air table, and the corresponding graph detail. The
    air table's two "pucks" are simply given colored collars cut from paper. This setup is being used by a local
    6th grader as part of an independent science project. Note: Click on a graph to view a larger image.

  • PAL Support—For international customers, Motion Visualizer v1.2 includes the ability to work with the international PAL standard. PAL cameras operate at 50Hz (as opposed to 60Hz), have somewhat higher vertical resolution, and are not compatible with the United States television standards.

New ProductMotion Visualizer 2D!

Also to be released in February 2004 is our new lower cost solution, the fully upgradeable Motion Visualizer 2D. Experience all the great base functionality of Motion Visualizer 3D at a reduced entry cost, and upgrade to the full-featured version at a later time, or when your budget so allows.

Alberti's Window Represented in PASCO Scientific!

Alberti's Window is pleased to announce that, as of this month, our products are now available through PASCO Scientific, of Roseville, CA, in addition to directly from Alberti's Window. We welcome PASCO to our group! PASCO is particularly known for the depth of its customer support, as well as the quality and variety of products in its comprehensive catolog.

We thank everyone involved in making this arrangement possible. PASCO has representatives outside of the United States and has a great deal of export experience. Therefore, Alberti's Window recommends that our international customers order through PASCO rather than directly from us. Visit PASCO at www.pasco.com.

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