What's New!

We are pleased to announce the posting of curricular activities and the award of a new grant.

Curricular Activities

Alberti's Window is continuing to develop its comprehensive collection of curricular activities for both 2D and 3D studies using Motion Visualizer. Currently posted are two sets of drafts. The "student drafts" were written by our 2004 summer interns. The "teacher drafts" were written by a local area Physics teacher. As additional activities and labs are completed they will be added to the Curricular Activities section of the website.

New Grant!

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has recently awarded Alberti’s Window a new Phase I grant. The grant allows us to further research using core Motion Visualizer technology as the basis of a commercial sports product that aids baseball coaches in analyzing then correcting the throwing mechanics of young pitchers and fielders.

New Team Member

Working with us on the development of our proposed baseball training product is Keith Wiley. Keith is a former professional pitcher who is currently the pitching instructor at a baseball training facility in neighboring Waltham, Massachusetts. It is at this facility that we will field test the new program.